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Conducting consumer research and insights is a valuable way to gain a better understanding of how your brand is perceived by consumers and non-consumers alike. We research your past and current consumers to identify buyer habits and additional insights. We create a study of how your brand is received by your potential target audience as well as determine if your current target audience is actually your best prospect. To gain buying insights and industry market knowledge, our approach will consist of multiple research methods including quantitative data, qualitative analysis, consumer habits data, and consumer persona development.

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During a consumer research engagement we build a study that will answer questions regarding your brand. Who is interested in your brand or product? Why do consumers buy or consider your brand? Why do consumers not buy your brand or product? From our research we create a buyer persona, aka - PAT. PAT is the consumer persona and discovered habits of your best prospect consumer.

  • Discover who your buyer really is
  • Discover buyer habits of your consumer
  • Identify shopping habits of your potential best prospect
  • Why not discover who your best prospect buyer really is?