Why Mindstorm?

A traditional advertising agency with a focus on digital. We offer services to start-ups, small businesses and other corporations. Our focus is igniting brands!

Everyday we help our clients with branding, marketing and web services. We move concepts into reality.

What We Do

Create Brands
Extracting concepts and making it a reality... Sounds tough? Not really we do it everyday. Listen, gain knowledge, understanding, then create. Creating words and visual interpretations from thoughts and descriptions.
Grow Brands
Almost every brand, business or product is seeking to growth. Brand awareness, increase market share, or just increasing annual sales. Positioning your brand for this is key. Our process takes you where you want to 'grow'.
Define Brands
A concept or a rebrand, defining your brand and building a foundation is critical. Knowing who you are and how you got there is as important as what you are!
Launch Brands
No matter what you have been told, good marketing does not come in “one size fits all” packages. Learning the ins and outs of a specific industry is crucial to creating effective marketing campaigns. We do our homework at Mindstorm.
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a must for any brand. Why develop an advertising campaign or a marketing campaign if you can't afford it? Why produce a TV commercial if your target audience is not watching TV? Strategic planning is smart planning and necessary with any budget.